How To Repeat Youtube Videos

YoutubeOnRepeat is a tool that automatically repeats youtube videos in an endless loop. Any video you watch on this website will automatically repeat after it ends.

You can use the search bar above to find your favorite videos, or you can add our Youtube Reppeat Button to your bookmarks bar.

How to Repeat a part of a Youtube Video

Using the crop tool, you can select which part of a video you want to repeat. It's super useful for skipping intros, outros or repeating a single song in a full album.

To do so, simply adjust the crop tool below the video on a video page, as shown in the image below.

Repeat Youtube Video Crop

Once you cropped a youtube video, you can add that part of the video to your bookmarks and playlists, or share it with your friends using the social media buttons available on the video page.

My Watchlist and Playlists

Your Watchlist and Playlists live at the top left corner at the site. Open the hamburger menu to access your videos easily from any page on the site.

Adding videos is super easy. Click the 3-dots menu available on all video listings and select the place you want your video saved. If the current video is cropped, this will save the cropped part, so remember to remove the crops if you want to add the entire video.

Use the Watchlist to quickly bookmark your favorite videos (or parts of them, using the crop tool).

To add a playlist, click the blue + button, type your playlist name and hit Enter. Create as many playlists as you need - fitness music, work music, sleeping music - whatever fits your needs!

Note: Playlists are only available on desktop browsers at the moment.

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